About the Grant

Ideas Wanted: Apply Within.

The Tourism Promotion Area (TPA) was established by the lodging industry to increase overnight stays in Snohomish County. With funding in place, the TPA is looking to support new ideas and events that bring loads of life and overnight lodging to the county with a new grant program. The TPA grant is a wonderful opportunity to sponsor projects that increase overnight stays, support the improvement and development of tourism attractions, and promote tourism in new markets.

The TPA is soliciting projects that focus on increased overnight stays, however we are not looking to subsidize overhead costs for projects that will take place regardless of our support. We must see a marked increase in overnight stays as a result of supporting your project. The TPA generally does not support administrative or personnel-related costs, and projects are one-year funding only unless otherwise indicated.

Come One, And All

This program is open to applications from public, nonprofit or private entities with a demonstrated ability to accomplish the proposed project. We want you to bring your big ideas here. Contact us today to see if your project is a good fit for TPA funding.

Your Creativity is the Limit

Some projects in our region that we know to be successful include a focus on outdoor recreation, sporting events, conventions and tradeshows, festivals, niche conferences and concerts…but that's not all. Chances are you've got an idea for something we haven't even thought of yet.

We're A Bit Different.

The TPA Grant differs from other lodging grants offered by Snohomish County, such as the LTAC (Hotel/Motel) program, because we may fund, at our discretion, a range of expenses beyond just marketing and promotions. 

TPA funds may include, but are not limited to: advertising and marketing materials, marketing and publicizing events, community development programs, bid fees, officials’ fees, conference/convention or trade show costs, transportation costs, operation of a tourism destination marketing organization or the distribution of information for the purpose of attracting and welcoming tourists to Snohomish County that result in overnight stays. Previous median project funding has been $40,000.

So think big, and let's talk.

What we’d like to see more of:
  • Events in the hotel off-season
  • Conventions & Conferences
  • Large Sporting Events like the X-Games and Terracross
  • Creative Multi-Day Events Focused on Overnight Stays