Recent Projects

While we are new to the neighborhood and still scouting for some ideal projects, these are some approved projects we thought were pretty cool.

Everett AquaSox All-Star Game & Fan Fest

Aug 6, 2012

Northwest League All-Star Game & Fan Fest

By Snohomish County TPA

Estimated Overnight Stays: 1,000- 1,500

This three day event is the first of its kind, includes a home run derby, the All-Star game itself, a luncheon, Fan Fest and some post game events.  Fan Fest, in conjunction with the Allā€Star Game, is to be held at Everett Memorial Stadium. This event will attract fans and guests from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia. The Fan Fest event will include various games, attractions and celebrity appearances as well as an opportunity for local vendors to showcase their companies and products. A successful 2013 event will lead to the potential for repeat business in years to come. The AquaSox have brought over 3 million people to the area over the last 28 years.

What we agreed to fund:

Marketing & Promotion


What we’d like to see more of:
  • Events in the hotel off-season
  • Conventions & Conferences
  • Large Sporting Events like the X-Games and Terracross
  • Creative Multi-Day Events Focused on Overnight Stays