The purpose of these funds are to grow our tourism economy through visitor spending in Snohomish County by encouraging overnight stays. In turn, this will also increase retail, restaurant, transportation, attraction and other local spending. Annually, the travel industry generates more than 10,000 jobs and over one billion dollars in direct visitor spending in our County.

For our general and application requirements, please see Requirements tab above.

Eligible Expenditures

These funds are made available through the support of Snohomish County Lodging Businesses. For every applicable occupied room night, guests are assessed a small fee that is returned to Snohomish County. Pursuant to RCW 35.101 and Snohomish County Ordinance 10-112, revenue collected from this assessment must be used for activities and expenditures designed to increase tourism promotion and convention business, including but not limited to advertising and marketing materials, marketing and publicizing events, community development programs, bid fees, conference/ convention or trade shows, transportation costs, operation of a tourism destination marketing organization or otherwise distributing information for the purpose of attracting and welcoming tourists to Snohomish County that result in overnight stays. Alcohol is not an eligible TPA expense.

Who Can Apply?

The program is open to applications from public, non-profit or private entities with a demonstrated ability to create overnight stays for Snohomish County hotels.  Applications are due by the first of each month in order to be presented at the monthly meeting held on the third Tuesday of the month.

What we’d like to see more of:

  • Events in the hotel off-season
  • Conventions & Conferences
  • Large Sporting Events like the X-Games and Terracross
  • Creative Multi-Day Events Focused on Overnight Stays